Who was Tyler from Selling OC married to

Who was Tyler from Selling OC married to

Who was Tyler from Selling OC married to – Tyler Stanaland, known for his role in the Netflix series “Selling the OC,” has been through quite a journey in the spotlight. His love story with actress Brittany Snow, followed by their divorce, and his experiences on reality TV have made headlines. Let’s dive into the timeline of his life and career.

Who was Tyler from Selling OC married to

Meeting and Falling in Love with Brittany Snow

Tyler Stanaland’s story of love began when he crossed paths with actress Brittany Snow. They connected through Instagram in 2018, and by September of that year, Snow couldn’t contain her feelings anymore, declaring her love for him publicly. For Stanaland, it was like a dream come true, as he had a crush on her after seeing her in “Pitch Perfect.”

Their love story unfolded on social media, with Snow admitting that she thought Stanaland was “unattainable” initially. Still, her friend pointed out that he was following her, and she took the bold step of sending him a direct message with a cheesy pickup line. To her surprise, it worked, but it worked because she already had a crush on him.

The Engagement and Wedding

The lovebirds took their relationship to the next level, getting engaged in February 2019. They announced their engagement while attending the 2019 Emmys as a newly engaged couple. Stanaland proposed in their kitchen, which had also witnessed their first kiss. He even organized an engagement party at their favorite restaurant, showing that he was attentive to Snow’s preferences, even down to the ring she liked.

Their love nest in New York City, a Greenwich Village loft, was revealed to the public. They furnished their home with the help of Crate & Barrel, showcasing their similar style sensibilities and a harmonious approach to decorating.

Joint Bachelor and Bachelorette Party

Prior to their wedding, Stanaland and Snow threw a joint bachelor and bachelorette party. While they spent the first night apart with their respective groups of friends, they joined forces for a “joint day of fun.” Snow’s bachelorette weekend featured some of her “Pitch Perfect” co-stars, including Anna Kendrick, Kelley Jakle, Anna Camp, and Chrissie Fit. They reunited for a pool party during their joint weekend, creating lasting memories before tying the knot.

Who was Tyler from Selling OC married to

The Wedding Day

The couple chose Cielo Farms, a venue near Los Angeles, for their wedding. Their dog, Billie Jean September Snow, played a special role as the flower girl. Stanaland and Snow wanted their wedding to reflect their relationship and style—low-key yet unforgettable. They incorporated some of their favorite things, like tequila and tacos, into the celebration.

Reality TV Stardom and Relationship Drama

Stanaland’s journey took a twist when he became a core cast member of the Netflix reality series “Selling the OC,” a spinoff of “Selling Sunset.” In the show’s first season, he found himself in the middle of office drama when his coworker, Kayla Cardona, made advances toward him after a night of drinking.

In Season 1, Episode 5, Stanaland expressed his discomfort with the situation and decided to distance himself from it out of respect for his wife and himself. He shared his perspective with coworkers, making it clear that he needed to establish boundaries in his relationship with Cardona.

In the subsequent episode, Cardona apologized for her actions, and Stanaland acknowledged that they had both been too close for comfort. He reassured viewers that there were no issues in his marriage with Snow at the time, emphasizing their open communication.

Snow’s Reaction to Stanaland’s Reality TV Drama

After the premiere of “Selling the OC,” Stanaland shared that Snow had watched the show and found it entertaining, just like everyone else. He emphasized that they kept their professional lives separate, and the show was something he did for himself. Stanaland also addressed a light-hearted comment he made about ranking surfing above his wife in terms of priorities, clarifying that it was a joke and that Snow took it well. He mentioned that Snow’s reaction to the drama with Cardona was a private matter, something they chose to keep between themselves.

Who was Tyler from Selling OC married to


Tyler Stanaland’s journey has seen love, engagement, marriage, and even the complexities of reality TV drama. While his marriage to Brittany Snow didn’t stand the test of time, his candidness about their relationship and his experiences on “Selling the OC” have kept fans intrigued. Life is a rollercoaster, and Stanaland continues to navigate it with grace and humor.

Who is Tyler the Real OC’s Wife?

Tyler Stanaland’s wife was Brittany Snow. They got married in March 2020 but later filed for divorce in January 2023 due to differences they couldn’t resolve. Tyler’s involvement with another real estate agent, Kayla Cardona, while still married to Brittany, created controversy on the show “Selling The OC.”

Is Tyler from “Selling the OC” Still with His Wife?

No, Tyler Stanaland and his ex-wife Brittany Snow finalized their divorce in July 2023, less than a year after they announced their separation. Some of the emotional aftermath of their split was shown during the second season of the Netflix show, which premiered at midnight PT.

Why Did Tyler from “Selling the OC” Get Divorced?

The reason for Tyler Stanaland’s divorce from Brittany Snow was “irreconcilable differences.” This means they had significant disagreements and difficulties in their marriage that they couldn’t resolve, leading to their decision to part ways.

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