Who is Alexandra Cooper engaged to

Who is Alexandra Cooper engaged to

Who is Alexandra Cooper engaged to – Alex Cooper, the popular podcaster known for “Call Her Daddy,” has recently made headlines for her engagement to Hollywood producer Matt Kaplan. Their love story is an interesting one that started over a Zoom call and culminated in a surprise engagement in 2023.

Who is Alexandra Cooper engaged to

How They Met

The love story of Alex Cooper and Matt Kaplan began in 2020 when they met over a Zoom business meeting. At that time, Alex playfully referred to Matt as “Mr. Sexy Zoom Man” on her podcast to keep his identity a secret. Little did she know that this mysterious Zoom encounter would change her life forever.

The Private Relationship

In the early stages of their relationship, Alex and Matt kept things very private. Matt Kaplan, the CEO of Ace Entertainment, preferred to stay away from the spotlight. While many celebrities share their love lives on social media, Alex and Matt chose to keep their relationship behind the scenes.

The Surprise Engagement

The big surprise came in March 2023 when Matt Kaplan proposed to Alex Cooper. He went all out to make it a memorable event. He planned a fake photo shoot at their Los Angeles home, setting the stage with candles, music, and a scavenger hunt. The hunt led Alex to a courtyard where Matt proposed with a beautiful vintage oval-cut diamond ring.

Alex was deeply touched by the thought and effort Matt put into the proposal. She later shared her joy on Instagram, saying that nobody could have predicted this on their “2023 bingo card.” It was a magical moment that marked a significant milestone in their relationship.

Who is Alexandra Cooper engaged to

A Change of Heart

Before meeting Matt, Alex had been skeptical about marriage due to societal norms and past unhealthy relationships. However, as their relationship grew stronger, she realized that she wanted to marry him. This change of heart reflects the trust and love that they’ve built together.

Their Future Together

Alex and Matt are now looking forward to their future together as an engaged couple. They plan to get married in the coming year, although Alex admitted she never had a clear vision of her wedding day. Regardless, she’s excited about the next chapter in her life with Matt by her side.

Matt Kaplan: The Man Behind the Scenes

Let’s take a closer look at Matt Kaplan, the man who captured Alex Cooper’s heart. Born on April 14, 1984, in California, Matt is a successful Hollywood producer and the CEO of Ace Entertainment. His journey in the entertainment industry is quite impressive.

Early Career

Matt Kaplan’s career started with an internship at CBS after he graduated. He later worked at Lionsgate Films, a prominent movie production company. Over the years, he climbed the ranks and eventually became the Senior Vice President in charge of directing major film projects.

Awesomeness Films

Before founding Ace Entertainment, Matt served as the President of Awesomeness Films, where he produced several successful shows and movies, including “To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before,” “The Perfect Date,” and “The Statistical Probability of Love at First Sight.” These projects resonated with young audiences and contributed to his reputation in the industry.

His Relationship with Alex Cooper

Apart from his professional achievements, Matt Kaplan’s relationship with Alex Cooper has garnered significant attention. Their engagement, marked by an elaborate proposal, shows the depth of their connection. Matt’s commitment to making the proposal special for Alex demonstrates his love and dedication.

Who is Alexandra Cooper engaged to

Harry Jowsey’s Candid Reflection

Switching gears, let’s briefly touch upon Harry Jowsey, the Australian reality star known for his appearance on “Too Hot To Handle” Season 1. Harry recently opened up about his personal growth and changed dating preferences on Alex Cooper’s “Call Her Daddy” podcast.

Post-Breakup Transformation

After his split with Georgia Hassarati, an alum of “Too Hot To Handle” Season 3, Harry Jowsey found himself single and on a journey of self-discovery. He shared that he no longer wanted casual relationships and was seeking a serious and committed partnership.

The Desire for a Family

Harry expressed his desire to have a family, get married, and build a beautiful home with a future partner. This longing for a deeper connection reflects his evolution from his previous dating habits.

Overcoming Heartbreak

Despite his party-boy image and presence on OnlyFans, Harry is now prioritizing personal growth and self-improvement. He’s healing from the pain of being cheated on by Georgia Hassarati, someone he once intended to marry. This experience has led him to seek therapy to focus on his mental and emotional well-being.

Staying Single for Self-Improvement

While Harry is open to finding a committed partner, he’s chosen to remain single for now. He wants to concentrate on personal growth, build a stronger emotional foundation, and avoid further heartbreak. Despite this decision, Harry remains active on various podcasts and social media platforms, engaging with his followers and fellow social media personalities.

Who is Alexandra Cooper engaged to


The love stories of Alex Cooper and Matt Kaplan, as well as Harry Jowsey’s journey of self-discovery, highlight the complexities and joys of modern relationships. Whether it’s a surprise engagement or a commitment to personal growth, these individuals remind us that love and self-improvement are essential parts of life’s journey. As they embrace their respective paths, they inspire us to do the same in our own lives.

Who is Alexandra Cooper’s fiance?

Alexandra Cooper, also known as Alex Cooper, keeps her personal life, including her relationship with her fiance Matt Kaplan, private. She chooses not to share many details about her engagement.

Why is Alex Cooper called Father?

Alex Cooper’s podcast, “Call Her Daddy,” gets its name from the idea of calling a male partner “daddy” during intimate moments. It’s meant to play with power dynamics between men and women.

Who is Alex Cooper’s best friend Lauren?

Alex Cooper’s best friend is Lauren McMullen. They’ve been best friends since they met while playing soccer in Pennsylvania. They became friends when Lauren was in the second grade.

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