V K Pandian Wikipedia, Wiki, Biography, IAS, Wife, Photo, Age, Twitter

V K Pandian Wikipedia, Wiki, Biography, IAS, Wife, Photo, Age, Twitter

V K Pandian Wikipedia, Wiki, Biography, IAS, Wife, Photo, Age, Twitter – V K Pandian, also known as VK Pandian, is a prominent figure in Indian administrative services (IAS) and politics. This article aims to provide a detailed and SEO-friendly overview of V K Pandian’s life, career, and personal details, including his wife, age, and Twitter presence. We’ll delve into his educational background, career milestones, and the impact he has made on the Indian administrative landscape.

V K Pandian Wikipedia, Wiki, Biography, IAS, Wife, Photo, Age, Twitter
V K Pandian Wikipedia, Wiki, Biography, IAS, Wife, Photo, Age, Twitter

V K Pandian Biography

V K Pandian, whose full name is V Karthikeyan Pandian, was born on May 29, 1974, in Tamil Nadu, India. He is a multi-lingual individual proficient in languages such as Tamil, Odia, English, and Hindi. V K Pandian cleared the rigorous Indian Administrative Services (IAS) examination in the 2000 batch, marking the beginning of his illustrious career.

V K Pandian Educational Qualifications

Pandian completed his undergraduate degree in Agriculture, showcasing his academic prowess. Additionally, he pursued post-graduation in Physiology, where he achieved First Division honors. This strong educational foundation would serve as a stepping stone for his career in public service.

V K Pandian Career Journey

Pandian’s career in public service has been marked by dedication and commitment. He started as a Sub-collector in the Kalahandi district of Odisha from 2002 to 2004. His excellence continued to shine as he served as the Collector in Mayurbhanj from 2005 to 2007, followed by a tenure as Collector in the Ganjam district from 2007 to 2011.

V K Pandian News

  • Private Secretary to Odisha CM

In 2011, Pandian assumed the role of Private Secretary to the Chief Minister of Odisha, Naveen Patnaik, demonstrating his capability to handle high-level responsibilities. His efficient and effective support to the CM made him an indispensable figure in Odisha’s political landscape.

  • 5T Officer

Pandian’s career trajectory took another significant turn when he was appointed as a 5T Officer by CM Naveen Patnaik. This position solidified his role as a key strategist and implementer of policies aimed at transforming the state of Odisha.

V K Pandian’s Family and Personal Life

In his personal life, V K Pandian is married to Sujata R. Karthikeyan, who is also an IAS officer. This power couple’s combined dedication to public service highlights their shared commitment to making a positive impact on society.

V K Pandian’s Age

As of 2023, V K Pandian is 48 years old, with a wealth of experience and accomplishments to his name.

V K Pandian Social Media

Pandian’s Twitter presence reflects his engagement with the public and his commitment to transparency. He uses the platform to share updates on government initiatives and interact with the citizens of Odisha.

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VK Pandian Achievements

VK Pandian’s career isn’t just a series of positions; it’s a testament to his dedication to improving the lives of the people he serves. He has received prestigious awards like the Helen Kellan Award by the Rajiv Gandhi Foundation and the President’s Award by the International Hockey Federation for his work in the welfare of persons with disabilities and contributions to sports development.


In conclusion, V K Pandian’s journey from an IAS officer to a trusted aide to the Chief Minister of Odisha showcases his dedication to public service and his ability to make a lasting impact. His multi-faceted career, dedication to improving the lives of citizens, and recognition in the form of awards highlight his significance in Indian administrative and political circles. With a strong educational background, commitment to transformation, and a supportive family, Pandian’s contributions to Odisha and India continue to be invaluable.

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Who is VK Pandian’s wife?

VK Pandian’s wife is Sujata R. Karthikeyan.

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Sujata R. Karthikeyan is the wife of VK Pandian. She is also an IAS officer.

Who is the wife of the 5T secretary?

The wife of the 5T secretary, VK Pandian, is Sujata R. Karthikeyan.

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