Ruler Movie Download in Hindi dubbed Filmyzilla, Filmywap, 480p

Ruler Movie Download in Hindi dubbed Filmyzilla, Filmywap, 480p

Ruler Movie Download in Hindi dubbed Filmyzilla, Filmywap, 480p – “Ruler” is a film that doesn’t take itself seriously and ends up being unintentionally hilarious. It’s a wild ride filled with absurd twists, over-the-top performances, and questionable fashion choices. If you’re in the mood for a movie that will make you laugh at its sheer audacity, “Ruler” might be worth a watch.

Ruler Movie Download in Hindi dubbed Filmyzilla, Filmywap, 480p

Story of Ruler Movie Download

Once upon a time, there was a corporate company with a powerful chairperson named Jayasudha. One day, Jayasudha came across a man who was seriously injured and in desperate need of help. She decided to save him, and this decision would change both of their lives forever.

Cast of Ruler Movie Download

Nandamuri BalakrishnaArjun Prasad / Dharma
Sonal ChauhanHarika
VedhikaSandhya (as Vedika)
Prakash RajVeerendranath Thakur
Bhoomika Chawla(as Bhumika Iqbal Chawla)
Sayaji ShindeDurga Prasad
Shataf FigarBhavaninath Thakur
Srinivasa ReddyReddy
Raghu BabuArnold
DhanrajJackie Chan
Raghu Kumar KarumanchiWashington
Chalapathi RaoSubba Rao

Crew of Ruler Movie Download

Directed by K.S. Ravikumar
Produced by Sahni Bob

line producer: Thailand shoot (as Dilbir Singh Sahni)
C. Kalyan

Patsa Nagaraj

co-producer (as Vatsa Nagaraja)
C.V. Rao

Cinematography by C. Ram Prasad
Art Direction by Ravikumar Gurram
Second Unit Director or Assistant DirectorSabari Gireesan

associate director (as S. Sabari Gireesan)
Soorya Kathir Kakkallar

Sandeep Kanchusthambham

assistant director

associate director
Dinesh Krishna

assistant director
S.L. Prabhakar Naag

co-director (as Suryadevara Lalitha Prabhakar Naag)
Guru Saravanan

associate director
Veerendra Thupakula

associate director

Review of Ruler Movie Download

After nursing the injured man back to health, he had the opportunity to repay the favor. He ended up saving Jayasudha during another dangerous situation. Touched by his bravery and kindness, Jayasudha decided to adopt him as her own son. She named him Arjun Prasad.

In a surprising turn of events, Jayasudha decided to make Arjun the new chairperson of her company. This decision raised eyebrows because Arjun had no previous experience in the corporate world. Nevertheless, Jayasudha had faith in him.

Arjun had big plans for the company. He proposed a solar power project in Uttar Pradesh, which could have a positive impact on the environment and the business. However, his plans were met with opposition from a local politician who threatened him.

Ruler Movie Download in Hindi dubbed Filmyzilla, Filmywap, 480p

To everyone’s surprise, the local people recognized Arjun as Dharma, a police officer. This revelation left many questions unanswered. How did Arjun, or rather Dharma, lose his memory? What was the source of his rivalry with Thakur, the local minister?

Now, let’s talk about the movie “Ruler.” It’s the kind of film that’s so unintentionally funny that it falls into the category of “so bad it’s good.” The movie stars Balakrishna and is directed by KS Ravikumar.

The plot goes something like this:

“Let’s make a movie with Balakrishna.”

“Okay, but what’s the story?”

“Balakrishna will play a character who looks like Tony Stark from ‘Iron Man,’ but he’ll also be a cop.”

“Isn’t that just like every other superhero movie?”

“Well, here’s the twist: he’ll wear ill-fitting clothes and sport a hairstyle that even Salman Khan wouldn’t have on his worst hair day.”

“Take my money!”

And that’s how “Ruler” was born. The movie features over-the-top performances by actors like Prakash Raj, Bhumika, and Jayasudha. They somehow managed to keep a straight face while delivering their lines, despite the absurdity of the plot.

The story itself is a rollercoaster of bizarre events. A random guy saves a millionaire’s life, and in return, she makes him her heir and renames him Arjun. He conveniently has amnesia but adapts to his newfound life of luxury with ease. The fact that a millionaire and an injured man ended up in the same hospital room is the stuff of dreams.

Jayasudha sends Arjun to the US for IT training so he can take over her leading IT firm as the chairman. However, the movie takes a detour into insanity when Sonal Chauhan’s character hires three inept hackers to break into Arjun’s laptop during a bizarre conference in Bangkok. This 30-minute ordeal showcases the filmmakers’ complete lack of understanding of the corporate world.

The story gets even stranger when Arjun takes on a solar project in Uttar Pradesh, a village with 2,000 Telugu farmers. This sets the stage for a showdown with the stylish Thakur villain, invoking Telugu pride. Arjun’s past life as Dharma, the village hero, comes back to haunt him.

Dharma has a love interest who is pushed into a relationship with him by her parents. Their first meeting involves her asking him to assess her physical appearance. Amidst this peculiar romance and rural drama, Dharma rescues a woman who married outside her community and faces the wrath of her people. It’s during this heroic act that Dharma loses his life, or so the villagers believe, until he returns as Arjun with a Tony Stark-esque makeover.

If all of this sounds confusing, don’t worry; the movie is so absurd that it’s entertaining. The sentimental scenes, violent confrontations, fight sequences, romantic moments (if you can call them that), and dance numbers will all leave you in stitches.

Kudos to the costume designer, who must have been on something quite unusual when selecting Balakrishna’s outfits. His dance moves in the movie are a far cry from his previous reputation as a good actor. The story, fights, costumes, and female characters are all wildly inappropriate for Balakrishna’s age.

A special mention goes to the abundance of sunglasses in the film. Characters wear them even during lunch, with gold frames no less. There’s even a product placement for Rajnigandha. The songs in the movie are so forgettable that they won’t distract you from the questionable choreography. Who would have thought Balakrishna attempting to imitate Michael Jackson in hoodies and a backwards cap would be a highlight?

If you manage to endure all of this and reach the ending, be prepared for a scene that even Rohit Shetty would find unbelievable. Balakrishna, alias Arjun, alias Dharma, uses his SUV to shield a woman and her baby from a hail of bullets. All the bullets miraculously miss them. Why? Because he’s a lover and a fighter, stylish and emotional, all rolled into one.

Ruler Movie Download in Hindi dubbed Filmyzilla, Filmywap, 480p

Kudos to KS Ravi Kumar for creating a movie that showcases all these facets in an unforgettable, if not entirely coherent, way.

Trailer of Ruler Movie Download

Is the movie “Ruler” a hit or flop?

The movie “Ruler,” which stars Nandamuri Balakrishna, Vedhika, Sonal Chauhan, and Bhumika Chawla, and has music by Chirantan Bhatt, did not do well. Critics didn’t like it, and it didn’t make much money, so it’s considered a flop.

Where can I watch the movie “Ruler”?

You can watch the Telugu movie “Ruler” online on platforms like Jio Cinema, MX Player, and Sun NXT.

Which movie is called hit or flop?

Sometimes, it can be confusing. A movie that makes a lot of money, like 250 crores, might still be called a “flop” at the Box Office if it cost a lot to make and didn’t make enough profit. On the other hand, a movie that makes only 100 crores might be called a “hit” if it was made on a smaller budget and earned a good profit. So, it’s not just about how much money a movie makes; it’s also about how much it cost to make and whether it made a profit.

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