Is Vanessa Feltz In A Relationship

Is Vanessa Feltz In A Relationship

Is Vanessa Feltz In A Relationship – Vanessa Feltz, the well-known British television personality and broadcaster, has been a familiar face in the media for years. Many people wonder about her personal life, particularly her relationship status. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at whether Vanessa Feltz is currently in a relationship.

Is Vanessa Feltz In A Relationship
Is Vanessa Feltz In A Relationship

Who is Vanessa Feltz?

Vanessa Feltz, born on February 21, 1962, is a famous English TV personality and journalist. She’s known for being on TV and the radio for a long time and is really good at it.

On TV, she was the host of a talk show called “Vanessa” from 1994 to 1998. She also hosted a morning show called “The Big Breakfast” and another show called “The Vanessa Show” in 1999. She even took part in a reality TV show called “Celebrity Big Brother” in 2001.

Vanessa has been on the daytime show “This Morning” since 2006, where she talks about many different things and interviews people.

She’s also been on the radio, hosting a show on BBC Radio 2 and BBC Radio London. In September 2022, she started a new show on Talkradio and TalkTV.

Vanessa Feltz is known for being good at different types of hosting, from talk shows to morning shows and even reality TV. People like her because she’s friendly and easy to relate to.

Is Vanessa Feltz In A Relationship?

Yes, Vanessa was married to a surgeon named Michael Kurer for 17 years, but they got divorced in 2000. They have two daughters together, named Allegra and Saskia. Vanessa is also a grandmother to Zeke and Neroli, with another grandchild on the way.

In 2006, she got engaged to a singer named Ben Ofoedu, but they broke up in February 2023 after it was revealed that Ben had cheated on her.

Vanessa Feltz Career

Vanessa Feltz has had a diverse career in journalism and broadcasting.

  • 1980s and 1990s: Early Career

In the 1980s and 1990s, Vanessa was a columnist for The Jewish Chronicle and later the Daily Mirror. She also wrote a book with a funny title.

She started her TV career by replacing Paula Yates on “The Big Breakfast.” She interviewed celebrities while lying on a bed, which was unique. But there were some challenges, like a distressing incident with Rolf Harris during an interview.

  • 2000s: BBC London 94.9, Reality TV, and More

In the early 2000s, Vanessa worked on a radio show where people could call in and talk about different things. She also appeared on reality TV shows like “Celebrity Big Brother.”

She made cameo appearances in films and TV shows, showing she could work in different kinds of entertainment.

  • 2010s: Radio, Channel 5, and Beyond

In the 2010s, Vanessa did more radio work, including hosting shows on BBC Radio 2. She also had her TV show called “The Vanessa Show.” People called her “the hardest working woman in broadcasting.”

She continued to do reality TV and was recognized as one of the highest-paid BBC presenters.

Vanessa Feltz’s career shows how she can adapt to different jobs in journalism and entertainment. She’s famous for her friendly and engaging personality.


In summary, Vanessa Feltz’s relationship status is currently single. Her past relationships, including her marriage to Michael Kurer and engagement to Ben Ofoedu, have been well-documented, but as of now, she is not in a relationship. Vanessa continues to make her mark in the media industry, engaging with audiences through her work in broadcasting.

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What is the age gap between Vanessa Feltz and her partner?

Vanessa Feltz’s partner, Ben Ofoedu, is younger than her. There’s an age difference between them, with Vanessa being older.

Does Vanessa Feltz have a daughter?

Yes, Vanessa Feltz has two daughters named Allegra and Saskia from her previous marriage.

Are Vanessa and Ben back together?

No, Vanessa Feltz and Ben Ofoedu are not back together. They broke up after it was revealed that Ben had been involved with other women in February 2023.

Who is Vanessa Feltz’s partner?

Vanessa Feltz’s partner is Ben Ofoedu, who is a singer-songwriter. They were engaged in the past but have since broken up.

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