Is Ria Dabi Married?

Is Ria Dabi Married?

Is Ria Dabi Married? – Popular IAS officer Ria Dabi, known for her remarkable achievement in the UPSC Civil Services Examination, recently entered into a new chapter of her life by tying the knot with IPS officer Manish Kumar. This union has captured the attention of many, not only because of the couple’s professional accomplishments but also due to the significance of their alliance.

Is Ria Dabi Married?
Is Ria Dabi Married?

Who is Ria Dabi?

Ria Dabi, at the age of 23, secured an impressive 15th All India Rank in the UPSC examination. Hailing from Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh, Ria moved to Delhi with her family during her 7th-grade, where her parents’ achievements in cracking the UPSC Indian Engineering Services Exam served as an early inspiration. However, it was the success of her elder sister, Tina Dabi, that truly motivated Ria to pursue a career in the Indian Administrative Service (IAS).

Ria’s academic journey led her to Lady Shri Ram College in Delhi, where she completed her graduation. Soon after graduating, she embarked on her UPSC preparation journey and, in 2020, she appeared for the UPSC exam, successfully clearing it on her very first attempt. This achievement was not only a testament to her dedication but also a proud moment for her family.

Is Riya Dabi Really Married?

Ria’s marriage to IPS officer Manish Kumar, who belongs to the Maharashtra cadre, took place earlier this year in April, and it was reportedly conducted as a court marriage with the blessings and approval of their families. Following their union, IPS Manish Kumar was transferred to Rajasthan.

Due to the limited time available during their wedding, no grand ceremony or social event was held. However, it is expected that a significant social gathering will be organized in the upcoming days, where relatives, friends, and several high-ranking officials may attend to celebrate their union.

As two accomplished officers from the 2021 batch of civil servants, Ria Dabi and Manish Kumar have promising careers ahead of them. Ria’s dedication and hard work have already earned her a prominent place in the IAS, and Manish Kumar’s transfer to Rajasthan signifies new opportunities and challenges in his IPS career.

Ria’s elder sister, Tina Dabi, who topped the UPSC Civil Services Examination in 2015, expressed her happiness for Ria and extended her blessings to the newlywed couple. She also revealed that preparations were underway for a reception to be held in Jaipur in the coming months.


The union of Ria Dabi, the rising star in the Indian Administrative Service, and Manish Kumar, the diligent IPS officer, is a testament to their shared commitment to public service. As they continue their respective journeys in the civil services, their partnership is bound to inspire many aspiring civil servants and serve as a symbol of dedication and perseverance. We wish Ria Dabi and Manish Kumar a bright and prosperous future together in their careers and personal life.

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Is Ria Dabi going to marry?

Yes, Ria Dabi has already gotten married. She married IPS officer Manish Kumar in April.

Who is the wife of IAS Manish Kumar?

The wife of IAS officer Manish Kumar is Ria Dabi. They got married earlier this year.

What is Dabi caste?

The caste of the Dabi sisters, Tina and Ria, is Dalit. Tina Dabi was the first Dalit to top the UPSC Civil Services examination in 2015.

What is Ria Dabi’s current posting?

Ria Dabi is currently posted in Alwar, Rajasthan, as part of her IAS duties.

What is Ria Dabi optional subject?

Ria Dabi’s optional subject in the UPSC Civil Services exam is not mentioned in the provided information. Therefore, we do not have information about her specific optional subject.

Which subject did Ria Dabi choose?

Ria Dabi chose Sociology as her optional subject for the UPSC Civil Services examination.

Did Ria Dabi get married?

Yes, Ria Dabi got married. Her husband is IPS officer Manish Kumar.

What is the salary of Ria Dabi?

The salary of Ria Dabi, as an IAS officer, varies based on her rank and the state she is posted in.

Which state is Ria Dabi from?

Ria Dabi is from the state of Madhya Pradesh, India.

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