Is Donna Kelce Married

Is Donna Kelce Married

Is Donna Kelce Married – In the world of sports, legends are made on the field, but behind every legend, there’s a story of love, sacrifice, and family. Donna Kelce, a name not often in the limelight, holds a unique place in football history. She became the first parent to witness her two sons play against each other in the Super Bowl. This is the story of Donna Kelce and her journey through love, family, and football.

Is Donna Kelce Married
Is Donna Kelce Married

Who is Donna Kelce?

Donna Kelce is the mother of NFL players Jason Kelce and Travis Kelce. She gained attention for making history as the first parent to have two sons playing against each other in the Super Bowl. Donna was married to Ed Kelce, and they raised their family in Cleveland Heights, Ohio. However, after 25 years of marriage, Donna and Ed got divorced. Despite the divorce, Donna has maintained a friendly relationship with Ed. Donna Kelce has been supportive of her sons’ successful football careers, with Jason playing as a center for the Philadelphia Eagles and Travis as a tight end for the Kansas City Chiefs. Donna Kelce’s exact age is not known, but she is believed to be in her 60s or 70s.

Donna Kelce Love Story

Donna Kelce’s life took a remarkable turn when she crossed paths with Ed Kelce, a man from Cleveland who would become her lifelong partner. Their story began in a place called Fagan’s bar in Old Cleveland Flats. Over the years, their love blossomed, leading to a beautiful marriage.

Donna Kelce Family

Donna and Ed Kelce welcomed their first son, Jason Kelce, into the world after five years of marriage. They soon became a family of four when their younger son, Travis Kelce, was born. This tight-knit family raised their children in Cleveland Heights, Ohio, and watched them grow into remarkable athletes.

Is Donna Kelce Married?

Many fans have been curious about Donna Kelce’s marital status. Yes, Donna Kelce was indeed married to Ed Kelce. They shared their lives for 25 years. However, after their sons’ college graduations, they decided to part ways. While their divorce was undoubtedly a challenging experience for the Kelce family, Donna has expressed no ill feelings toward Ed. Their love story had its beginnings in a local bar, but life took them on a unique journey.

Donna Kelce Divorce?

Donna Kelce’s perspective on divorce is both candid and heartwarming. She has stated, “I don’t hate him. We’re friends to this day. We get along great.” Their partnership extended to raising two sons who shared their love for football. Donna describes their relationship as a tag team, always there to support each other. As she reflects on her life with Ed, she maintains that she has no regrets, saying, “No, never, because I got you two.” Her love for her sons has always been unwavering.

Donna Kelce Sons

Both Jason and Travis Kelce pursued careers in college football at the University of Cincinnati. Jason, born on November 5, 1987, emerged as a prominent figure in American football, playing as a center for the Philadelphia Eagles in the NFL. Travis, born on October 5, 1989, followed in his older brother’s footsteps and became a professional American football player, playing as a tight end for the Kansas City Chiefs in the NFL.

The Kelce brothers’ journey to the Super Bowl became a significant moment in sports history. Donna Kelce, a proud mother, watched as her two sons faced off against each other in the Super Bowl. Jason represented the Philadelphia Eagles, while Travis played for the Kansas City Chiefs. It was a remarkable achievement for the Kelce family, and Donna couldn’t have been prouder.

Donna Kelce Age and Personal Style

While Donna Kelce’s exact age is not publicly known, it’s estimated that she could be in her 60s or 70s. In a tweet on February 12, she shared a photo, captioned with “#gamedayfit.” In the selfie, Donna appears happy, donning a jacket that proudly displays both Chiefs’ and Eagles’ colors. She wore a jacket with red and gold on one side and black and green on the other, along with black jeans, a customized bag, and shoes that matched the team colors. Donna’s jacket was a special creation from “Passion For Ezra,” a woman-owned company.


Donna Kelce’s life journey is a testament to the enduring love of a mother and her unwavering support for her sons. While her marriage to Ed Kelce may have come to an end, her role as a loving and supportive mother continues. Donna’s connection to football history, through her sons’ Super Bowl appearances, is a story of family bonds and the pursuit of excellence. Her perspective on divorce, motherhood, and her sons’ careers provides valuable insights into the world of professional sports and the enduring strength of family ties.

Donna Kelce’s story is a reminder that behind every Super Bowl player, there is a family that played a significant role in their journey to success. Whether cheering for the Eagles or the Chiefs, Donna’s love and support for her sons shine as brightly as the Super Bowl itself.

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