Akshaya Murthy Citizenship, Wikipedia, First Marriage, Wiki, Business, Caste, Daughter, Marriage Pics

Akshaya Murthy Citizenship, Wikipedia, First Marriage, Wiki, Business, Caste, Daughter, Marriage Pics

Akshaya Murthy Citizenship, Wikipedia, First Marriage, Wiki, Business, Caste, Daughter, Marriage Pics – Akshata Murthy, the daughter of Infosys co-founder N. R. Narayana Murthy, has been in the spotlight for her illustrious career, her marriage to Rishi Sunak (the UK’s 57th Prime Minister), and her fascinating journey from India to the United Kingdom. In this article, we’ll explore her citizenship, delve into her early life, career, and family, and provide some lesser-known facts about this remarkable businesswoman.

Akshaya Murthy Citizenship, Wikipedia, First Marriage, Wiki, Business, Caste, Daughter, Marriage Pics
Akshaya Murthy Citizenship, Wikipedia, First Marriage, Wiki, Business, Caste, Daughter, Marriage Pics

Akshaya Murthy Early Life and Education

Born in Hubli, Karnataka, in April 1980, Akshata Murthy comes from a Hindu-Brahmin family. She attended Baldwin Girls High School in Bangalore for her schooling and later pursued a Bachelor of Arts in Economics & French from Claremont McKenna College, California. Her thirst for knowledge didn’t stop there; she obtained a diploma in Apparel Manufacturing Technology from the Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising in Los Angeles, California. Eventually, she capped off her educational journey with an MBA from Stanford University Graduate School of Business in California.

Akshaya Murthy Personal Life

Akshata Murty’s personal life took a significant turn when she met Rishi Sunak while pursuing her post-graduate studies in California. Rishi Sunak, a British politician affiliated with the Conservative Party, would later become the 57th Prime Minister of the United Kingdom. Their friendship blossomed into a romantic relationship, and the couple decided to tie the knot.

Akshaya Murthy Personal Life
Akshaya Murthy Personal Life

On August 30, 2009, Akshata and Rishi Sunak exchanged vows in a simple yet elegant wedding ceremony held at Leela Palace Hotel in Bangalore. The event attracted attention from renowned figures in India, including Azim Premji, Kiran Mazumdar-Shaw, Anil Kumble, Nandan M Nilekani, and others. The couple’s love story led to the birth of two daughters, Anoushka Sunak and Krishna Sunak, adding depth to their personal journey.

Akshaya Murthy Family Background

Akshata Murthy is a scion of two incredibly accomplished individuals. Her father, N. R. Narayana Murthy, co-founded Infosys, a global IT giant. Her mother, Sudha Murthy, is renowned for her work with the ‘Infosys Foundation,’ a non-profit organization dedicated to various philanthropic endeavors.

Akshaya Murthy Family Background
Akshaya Murthy Family Background

Akshata also has a younger brother, Rohan Murty, who founded the ‘Murty Classical Library of India.’ The Murthy family is celebrated not just for their professional success but also for their commitment to simplicity and their dedication to philanthropy.

Akshaya Murthy Marriage

One of the highlights of Akshata Murthy’s life is her marriage to Rishi Sunak, who later became the UK’s Prime Minister. Their wedding, held on August 30, 2009, at the Leela Palace Hotel in Bangalore, was a simple yet elegant affair attended by prominent figures from India, including Azim Premji, Kiran Mazumdar-Shaw, and more.

The couple has two lovely daughters, Anoushka Sunak and Krishna Sunak. Their marriage is a blend of Indian and British cultures, symbolizing the multicultural nature of their lives.

Akshaya Murthy Daughter

Akshata Murthy and Rishi Sunak have two daughters. Whose names are Krishna and Anushka. For your convenience, we have placed a photo of Akshata Murthy and Rishi Sunak’s family below, in which Akshata Murthy and Rishi Sunak are seen with their two daughters Krishna and Anushka.

Akshaya Murthy Daughter
Akshaya Murthy Daughter
Akshaya Murthy Daughter
Akshaya Murthy Daughter

Akshaya Murthy Nationality

Akshata Murty holds Indian citizenship, a fact that she has no plans to change. This decision aligns with India’s policy of not allowing its citizens to hold citizenship in other countries simultaneously. Her commitment to her Indian roots and heritage remains unwavering.

Akshaya Murthy Career and Business Ventures

Akshata Murthy’s career has been marked by versatility. After completing her studies, she briefly worked at Infosys before venturing into entrepreneurial pursuits. She co-founded ‘Sandstone,’ a home decor and furnishings business. She also launched her clothing line, ‘Akshata Designs,’ in California in 2009. While this business aimed to fuse Indian and Western influences, it eventually faced challenges.

In 2013, Akshata became the director of ‘Catamaran Ventures’ in the UK. She’s also been actively involved with ‘New & Lingwood,’ a menswear company, and ‘Digme Fitness,’ a gym chain.

Akshaya Murthy Citizenship and Controversies

Akshata Murthy holds Indian citizenship and has shown no intention of changing it. This choice was reaffirmed by her spokesperson when asked about her citizenship status.

However, in April 2022, Akshata faced scrutiny over her tax status in the UK. Reports indicated that she claimed non-domiciled tax status, allowing her to avoid paying taxes on overseas dividend benefits. This raised questions, especially when Infosys was still operating in Russia amid the Russia-Ukraine War, a situation her husband, Mr. Sunak, had publicly condemned. Nevertheless, Infosys later announced the withdrawal of its services from Russia.

Akshaya Murthy Net Worth

Akshata Murty’s financial holdings and net worth have been subjects of interest and speculation. She owns a 12-acre Georgian Manor house in the Yorkshire village of Kirby Sigston, estimated to be worth around £1.5 million. Additionally, she possesses a penthouse apartment on Ocean Avenue in Santa Monica, California, with an approximate value of £7.5 million. Akshata’s husband, Rishi Sunak, owns a mews mansion in Kensington, West London, worth £6.6 million, and a first-floor flat in Old Brompton Road, Kensington, valued at $300,000.

As of 2022, Akshata’s individual net worth is estimated to be £200 million, and collectively with her husband Rishi Sunak, their net worth reaches approximately £730 million. These financial holdings have placed them among the wealthy elite, garnering attention and questions about their lifestyle choices and responsibilities.

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Akshaya Murthy Facts About

  1. Akshata Murthy is known for her distinctive approach to her surname, spelling it differently from her father’s by removing the ‘h’ from Murthy.
  2. She co-founded ‘Sandstone,’ a company focused on home decor and furnishings.
  3. Akshata is also associated with philanthropic endeavors, serving on the board of trustees for the ‘Murthy Classical Library of India.’
  4. She has been involved in various ventures, including working as a marketing director at Tendris, a Dutch cleantech Incubator Fund.
  5. Akshata and Rishi Sunak first met during their MBA studies in California, where they began dating.


Akshata Murthy’s life is a fascinating blend of business success, multicultural experiences, and philanthropic endeavors. Her journey from India to the UK, her marriage to the British Prime Minister, and her accomplishments in the business world make her an intriguing figure on the global stage. Her commitment to her roots and her simultaneous engagement with diverse cultures exemplify her versatility. As she continues her journey, Akshata Murthy remains an inspiring figure, both for her achievements and her dedication to simplicity and philanthropy.

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Who is Akshata Murthy’s father?

Akshata Murthy’s father is N. R. Narayana Murthy. He is the co-founder of Infosys, a prominent IT company.

Who is Akshata Murthy’s first husband?

Akshata Murthy’s first and only husband is Rishi Sunak. He is a British politician and, he was serving as the UK’s 57th Prime Minister.

Who is Rishi’s wife?

Rishi Sunak’s wife is Akshata Murthy. She is known for her business ventures and her association with Infosys founder N. R. Narayana Murthy.

How did Rishi and Akshata meet?

Rishi Sunak and Akshata Murthy first met while they were both pursuing their MBA (Master of Business Administration) degrees in California, USA. They became good friends during their studies and eventually started dating, leading to their marriage in 2009.

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